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Ambrose Morgan

Litigation Assistant


Ambrose Morgan is a seasoned Personal Injury Litigation Assistant at Feher Law APC, bringing extensive experience in civil litigation to our team. With a strong foundation from reputable law firms in Washington D.C., Ambrose excels in drafting pleadings, conducting legal research, and providing invaluable support in personal injury trials. 

At Feher Law APC, Ambrose serves as a cornerstone in our litigation endeavors, offering adept assistance to trial attorneys. His analytical skills and client-centered approach ensure effective trial strategies and foster trust and reassurance for our clients. Beyond his legal acumen, Ambrose embodies empathy and compassion in his interactions, drawing upon his background in the service industry to approach each client interaction with warmth and understanding. His unwavering commitment to excellence and genuine passion for helping others make him an indispensable asset to our team.


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